curriculum vitae

Born in Sokolov in the Czech Republic in 1975

In 1990, after finishing elementary school, he entered the glass manufacturer Moser in Karlovy Vary as an apprentice student.

In 1993 he completed his studies with honors and soon after he was involved in the production process in the glassworks as a glassblower. At the age of 24 he became a master of glass, being one of the youngest in the history of the glassworks.

In 2002 he decided to learn more about glass than he had learned at Moser and he left the Moser glassworks. He took a job at Tom Bohemia 24% Pb. There he gained new experience with lead glass, and over the next decade he continued to work in a wide range of other glass factories; not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.


  • Moser as. Karlovy Vary – Czech Republic
    Tom Bohemia, Bela pod Bezdezem – Czech Republic
    Novosad & Son, Harrachov – Czech Republic

  • Florianova hut, Castolovice u Ceske Lipy – Czech Republic
    Brothers Jilku, Kamenicky Senov – Czech Republic
    Kvetna – Czech Republic

  • Viet Tiep Phale, – Vietnam
    AJETO, Novy Bor, – Czech Republic
    BON Juliska, Petr Novotny, Novy Bor – Czech Republic
    Kitengala Hot Glass – Kenya

  • Glass studio Munster – Germany
    Theresienthal, Zwiesel – Germany
    Tai glass, Hsinchu – Taiwan


Glass museum Lommel – Belgium
Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam – Netherland
Gernheim glass – Germany
Milan Vobruba, Gusum – Sweden


Mr. Jiri Suhajek
Mr. Rony Ples
Mr. Mr. Lipa.


I have also an experience in teaching. When I worked for Mr. Peter Novotny in Novy Bor I have led courses of glassblowing for international students.

Also I collaborated with the Glass school in Novy Bor in Czech Republic.