My main business activity is the inter-mediation of handcrafted glass. I have a wide range and I am able to arrange glass production from individual pieces to large-scale serial production. I primarily arrange the production of lighting glass, i.e. components for lighting objects, chandeliers and lamps. Other products include historical glass, drinking glasses, artistic glass, gift and souvenir glass, stained glass and fused glass. Other possibilities include polishing, engraving, painting, gilding, silvering, metal plating and other decorating techniques. I offer my clients the inter-mediation of custom manufacturing in the Czech Republic and in certain other countries in the European Union. I also now offer my service in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Thanks to my many years of experience in the glass industry as a glassmaker, I have a lot of experience with glass as a material.



The advantage of using inter-mediation services in trade, including international trade, is the direct contact with manufacturers. I have many contacts, thanks to my years of work in the industry. However, I am still establishing new contacts at fairs, workshops and exhibitions (which are held several times a year throughout Europe) and by actually visiting glassworks and studios.



I look for direct manufacturers, which reduces the purchase costs of the client. I provide photo-documentation, send the first samples to the client, supervise the production process and inspect the goods before shipment. I also inform my clients about other conditions and potential changes during production.



All orders are handled individually based on the request, which includes the specific product requirements of the client.


The advantages of using inter-mediation services when commissioning production

– The risks of doing business with an unknown manufacturer or supplier are minimized
– The product costs are lower compared to retail purchasing
– Custom-made products are produced according to the specified parameters of the client
– Physical inspection of ordered products
– Fast and easy communication
– Help and support in dealing with unexpected situations where communication must be in Czech (in cases where the business will take place in the Czech Republic)


The service I provide to my clients under the inter-mediation services:

– Finding a suitable manufacturer or supplier based on the client’s requirements (quality, price, design and quantity)
– Determining the production conditions
– Negotiating the minimum quantities, delivery time and payment terms
– Sample provision
– Photo-documentation for analyzing and inspecting the first samples
– Supervision over the implementation of orders
– Product quality inspection during production
– Mixing products from multiple suppliers
– The possibility to personally engage in production and thus reduce the client’s costs and accelerate production
– Product quality inspection before shipping
– Extra: Transportation


I usually first meet with the client at a personal meeting, where the client presents me with his/her ideas for the required product (a sample, drawing, photograph, material specifications, target price, quantity etc.). On the basis of this specific data, I select a suitable manufacturer and send a quote. Furthermore, I provide photo-documentation from the tests of the first samples, which I present to the client for inspection. After the start of production, I am in contact with the manufacturer, supervise the production timetable, and continuously monitor the quality. If necessary, I can engage in the production myself. A qualitative examination of the goods is performed before shipping.